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Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Hotel Füssinger Hof Kur


Health vacation in Bad Füssing

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Therapies and cures

Hotel Königshof provides a vast array of therapy offers and spa treatments for your health vacation in Bad Füssing. The special feature of Johannesbad Hotel Königshof is that everything revolves around the theme of salt here.

Our health offers include preventative as well as healing treatments so that you will be fit for everyday life.   


Enrich your quality of life in our health hotel, the Königshof, and enjoy your next spa treatment or therapy, which is a standard benefit from your health insurance, in our hotel in the beautiful “Bäderdreieck” (Spa Triangle). Your well-being is our focus here.


You can decide for yourself whether you would like to spend a relaxed day in our Johannesbad spa or be active with hiking, biking, or spending time in nature.

Johannesbad Hotel Königshof in Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit Kur

The cure

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit Kur
Spa stay or health vacation in Bad Füssing

Cure in Hotel Königshof

Spend your cure in one of the most famous spas in all of Germany. Our Hotel Königshof is located directly in the spa triangle between Munich and Passau. As is well known, a cure includes measures of preventive medical care and rehabilitation. In other words, measures that are intended to maintain or restore your health.

To what extent your health insurance company will make co-payments for the various forms of spa treatment can be clarified with the person in charge of your health insurance company. We wish you good health!

Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Erlebnis Gesundheit Weg zur Kur
Ihr Weg zur Kur

Your way to the cure

As a legally insured person, you are entitled to a cure as soon as the treatment is medically justified. Our Hotel Königshof is the ideal spa hotel in Bad Füssing. We will be happy to give you an initial overview of how your path to a cure looks. You can obtain further information from your health insurance company - because every spa application is individual. Our reservation will of course be happy to answer your questions about your stay at the spa in our Hotel Königshof in Bad Füssing - one of the most famous spa resorts in Europe. 

Download info about the spa application here
Johannesbad Hotels Bad Füssing Johannesbad Therme Ambulante Badekur
Outpatient preventive care is available to you as an insured person if inpatient rehabilitation is not yet necessary.

Outpatient spa treatment

Since 2021 a standard benefit from health insurance providers. With outpatient spa therapy, you are able to choose your spa location, the accommodations, and the spa doctor. You can apply for this form of therapy from your statutory health insurance every 3 years. The service provider bears the full cost of the medical treatments as well as 90 % of the cost of the spa therapy, i.e. the treatments prescribed by the spa doctor on-site. In addition to other costs such as accommodations and meals, health insurance can grant a flat-rate subsidy of up to 16 Euro per day. You should clarify this with your health insurance company in advance.  

Our offers for download

Offers for your health

from € 719

Johannesbad Vitalhotel Jagdhof in Bad Füssing Angebot Thermenwoche
Spa week
Included services

Feel the healing power of the thermal mineral water! 7 nights incl. 6 admissions to the Johannesbad Spa.

from € 214

Schnuppertage im Johannesbad Hotel Königshof
Taster days
Included services

The little time out - for spa lovers and those who want to become one: 2 nights with admission to the Johannesbad Thermal Spa.

from € 329

Entspannungszeit im Johannesbad Vitalhotel Jagdhof
Relaxation time Königshof
Included services

Enjoy the perfect little time out, gladly also as an extended weekend: 3 nights with thermal bath admissions and large massage.

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