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  • Base fasting

The wacker - method®

Have you planned the next holiday? What is with a base fasting cure: an alternative experience, without pizza, pasta and more weight after them. You can relaxed loose some kilos and enjoy the fantastic food pleasurably.
Base fasting has developed to one of the most health cures.

We´ll take you to a culinary journey in world of fruits and vegetables. Chef Wolfgang Hartl and his crew surprise you with their gourmet creations of the different seasons.


base fasting for families

Do you know that? You would prefer a light vegatable combination in your holiday, but your partner don´t want to miss his roast beef?

In our base fasting hotel it is no problem. You can enjoy the variations of vegetarian base fasting and the rest of your family choose from the daily 4-course-menu - all together at one table.

The concept

Sabine Wacker

Base fasting - the wacker-method® was developed by the Wacker family from Mannheim in 1997 as a wellness treatment for detox and relief. Since then, it has been developed further and optimized through decades of hands-on experience.

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One of the important things
of base fasting is the sustainable success.  So Mrs. Wacker wrote a lot of books with helpful tips and delicious recipes for the everyday lifes.