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Gesundheitsurlaub im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
Gesundheitsurlaub im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein

Healing Caves & Cure

Health holiday in Bad Hofgastein

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Healing Caves Cure and Health weeks

In our 4-star Hotel St. Georg, we provide interesting offers for your health vacation in Bad Hofgastein in Salzburger Land

For all those who are not only looking for a relaxing break from the everyday but also want to strength mind and body, Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein is the ideal place for your spa vacation or a health week. We offer massages, sauna sessions and various beauty treatments with high-quality products. The St. Georg health hotel invites all those who want to experience wellness and work on their health and it is located in the popular Salzburger Land region, which offers many exciting excursions.  


Go ahead and book your thermal bath treatment, Heilstollen therapy or a perfect comprehensive package for your health week in Hotel St. Georg – do something good for yourself and add a spring to your step.

Gesundheitsurlaub im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg

Healing caves & health week

Gesundheitsurlaub im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
The comprehensive package for your health

Health weeks

Genuine Gastein thermal water, a diverse treatment program, radon therapy, and the hotel’s own wellness offer are a carefully coordinated combination for your regeneration and rehabilitation. 


Various wellness and health massages relax the muscles and have a positive effect on the organs and nervous system. The massages can be excellently combined with a variety of health applications or energy treatments, which many guests take advantage of in our therapy department. Experience healing and gather new strength in the professional hands of our therapists.   

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Heilstollenkur in den Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
Heilstollen therapy

Gastein Heilstollen

Awaiting you in Bad Hofgastein is a therapy option that is one-of-a-kind throughout the world: Heilstollen therapy in the Gastein Heilstollen (“healing galleries”).

The combination of high humidity, warmth and radon makes the Heilstollen in Gastein a unique form of therapy throughout the world. Some of the scientifically proven effects include long-lasting alleviation of pain, a reduction of medicine needed for up to a year and immune stabilization. From a medical perspective, a treatment duration of 2-4 weeks is recommended. Heilstollen therapy is mostly accepted by pension insurance and health insurance.


INDICATIONS: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract illnesses, skin problems and prevention  

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Thermalwasser im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
Genuine Gastein thermal water right in the hotel

Gastein thermal water & radon therapy

In our 4-star Hotel St. Georg, you can take advantage of radon therapy. Did you know that water naturally enriched with radon activates the body’s self-healing powers? After an in-depth medical examination, you can enjoy a healthy radon bath right in the hotel.   


Such a treatment activates the immune system and the natural warmth promotes circulation and treats ailments of the musculoskeletal system as well as the skin and respiratory tract. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy your health vacation in Salzburger Land to its fullest extent.

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Offers for your healthiness

from € 812

Gesundheitswoche(n) im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
Travelperiod from 01/01/2023 – 02/11/2024
Health week
Included services

Recover from everyday stress and focus on your health.
7, 14 or 21 nights including partial treatments in the house

from € 869

Heilstollenkur im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg in Bad Hofgastein
Travelperiod from 01/10/2022 – 03/11/2024
Heilstollen cure
Included services

Experience the unique Heilstollen!
7/14/21 nights incl. driveways and medical examination in the Heilstollen.

from € 694

Wohlfühlwoche im Johannesbad Hotel St. Georg at Bad Hofgastein
Travelperiod from 18/03/2023 – 02/11/2024
Included services

Pure wellness: 7 nights with €85 wellness voucher for treatments for massage or cosmetics.

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