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PHYTOMER – Our beauty brand

Specialist in care products from the sea!

Phytomer (marine plants) was founded in 1971 by Jean Gèdouin and is an innovative, international company for the promotion of beauty. The Phytomer laboratories study algae, observe their natural properties, employ the best techniques for obtaining purified active ingredients, and use them to create beauty products of the future.
This unique expertise is the starting point for a scientific concept. The methods used in the Phytomer laboratories invent nothing new that nature hasn’t already invented.
With these methods based on scientific observation, researchers were able to determine that the algae and the epidermis behave similarly and that there are similarities between its life and ours. Due to this significant discovery, the Phytomer laboratories have applied the natural properties of algae to the cosmetic customer. In this way, beauty problems (caused for example by heat, cold, pollution, stress, etc.) can be solved with unrivalled efficiency and with exceptional skin tolerance.

Beauty packages

In the Hotel St. Georg beauty department, our experienced beauticians will help you to show off your personal radiance. Pleasant facials, soothing massages, and fragrant baths will penetrate deep into your skin and pamper mind and body. Our beauty packages are usually cheaper opposed to booking each treatment individually. There are a lot of packages to choose from for every taste. However, if there´s anything you are missing, please let us know.

VIE COLLECTION - new & unique in Gastein

Aesthetic-medical technology with a visible result: established as the ultimate anti-aging luxury care line for men and women. Since 2010, a research team consisting of cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, scientists, and biologists have worked together and have become anti-aging experts. State-of-the-art and always up-to-date with the most recent research, VIE COLLECTION takes on a role as a pioneer in aesthetic-medical technology, which is used exclusively in beauty institutes.

With the products of the VIE COLLECTION, a highly effective line that fights the signs of skin aging is offered. Inspired by aesthetic medicine, only the best ingredients are used. The elaborate formulas yield visible, measurable results that are medically proven.

Professional know-how + specialists for dermo-cosmetics = guaranteed effectiveness.


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