Attractions & sights around the Johannesbad hotels in Bad Füssing

Many popular destinations in the region of Lower Bavaria are located in the immediate vicinity of our Johannesbad hotels in Bad Füssing and are well worth a visit. Discover, for example, the three-river town of Passau, the beautiful Inn Valley or Europe's longest castle in Burghausen.

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Discover cities around Bad Füssing

  • Baroque city Schärding (Austria) - Distance: 15km

    Schärding, Austria's most beautiful Baroque city, is located directly on the Inn, in the adjacent Innviertel. Particularly worth seeing are the picturesque house facades of the so-called Silberzeile.

    More information is also available on the website of Schärding: https://www.schaerding.at/ :


  • Dreiflüssestadt Passau (Germany) - Distance: 28km

    In Passau there are many attractions to explore. Stroll through the delightful old town or visit the cathedral with the largest church organ in the world. Don't miss the fantastic view that the Veste Oberhaus has to offer.

    Current events and information are also available on the website of the city of Passau: https://www.passau.de/

  • Castle Burghausen (Germany) - Distance: 52km

    Burghausen is known for the longest - exceptionally well preserved castle - in the world. The castle measures 1,051 meters in total length. The oldest parts of the main castle come from the 13th century. Absolutely a must-see! During your discovery tour, you can enjoy coffee and cake in the Burgcafe. Perfect in addition to a visit to Altötting.

    More information about Burghausen Castle can be found on the website: http://www.burg-burghausen.de/

  • Pilgrimage Altötting (Germany) - Distance: 55km

    Thousands of faithful make a pilgrimage every year to the "Black Madonna" in the Gnadenkapelle in Altötting. The city of Altötting is thus considered the most important place of pilgrimage in Bavaria and is also known as the "Heart of Bavaria". Due to the proximity to our Johannesbad hotels you can use Altötting perfectly as a day trip.

    More information can be found on the website of Altötting: https://www.altoetting.de/

  • Stift Reichersberg (Austria) - Distance: 9km

    The monastery Stift Reichersberg on the opposite bank of the Inn in Bad Füssing is over 900 years old. In addition to its exciting history, the collegiate church in early baroque style and frescoes from the rococo period are particularly worth seeing. Take the opportunity to explore this monastery during your holiday.

  • Kösslarn (Germany) - Distance: 15km

    A medieval fortified church with all fortifications has been preserved in Kösslarn. Explore one of the oldest and most famous Marian pilgrimages in the Bavarian lowlands as the perfect day trip for your holiday in one of our Johannesbad hotels in Bad Füssing

Boat trip near Bad Füssing


Boat trip on the Inn

Experience the lower Inn Valley between Schärding and Passau by boat. History comes to life on the river route, which is surrounded by sages and legends. Imagine the dangers of the former raft and salt shipping, which can be proven on the Inn over five thousand years. An absolute highlight of your holiday in our Johannesbad hotels in Bad Füssing.

More information at the following telephone number. +43 7712/73 50

Boat trip on the Danube

A boat trip on the beautiful, blue Danube from Passau completes every holiday in the region around Bad Füssing. Wurm + Köck (operators) can offer you a variety of routes.

More information at the following telephone number: +49 851/92 92 92